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December 2006
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Hip Hop War Report Episode 8 (Laelo Hood) Welcome to another episode of Hip Hop War Report. Today we take a journey into the DC underground scene and interview Laelo Hood! Laelo talks about his up bringin, giving people a good insight to his music. In todays watered down version of hip hop, Laelo provides a much needed flavor to break the monotony. Currently, "Ghetto Prophet: Water of Life" is a true effort of self expression. Pay from Payshir dives into the mind of Laelo Hood!
Check it out!

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Hip Hop War Report Episodes 7.1 & 7.2 (Mumia ) Thank you for tuning in for this special edition of the Hip Hop War Report. Today is a double episode that features new music from AKIR in memory of Sean Bell who was murdered on his wedding day by the NYPD.


POCC: Block Report Radio interview political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal


Hip Hop War Report Correspondent Minister of Information JR of POCC: Block Report Radio interviewed Black Panther political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal about the 25th year of his unjust incarceration, as well as, the 40th Anniversary of the founding of the Black Panther Party.


During the interview, he gives his opinion on Black Panthers who are still in the battle for human right and self determination, as well as, on those that have “retired? from the Movement. He talks about how he believes conditions in the poorest parts of Black Amerikkka have gotten progressively worst than they were in the 60’s. Mumia also goes into the mainstream media’s portrayal of the Party, and how it’s coverage was not surprising, and how leftwing authors including Charles Jones’ “The Black Panther Party Reconsidered?, and his own book “We Want Freedom? have done a lot to “open up perspectives?.


Mumia gives his reflections on the late great cofounder of the Black Panther Party, Minister of Defense Huey P. Newton, as well as his opinion on the relevance of the Black Panthers 10 Point Platform today, in the Black community. Mumia goes on to discuss how it is “as important as life or death? for journalist to cover stories that aren’t being covered as well as offer a progressive opinion to stories that are being picked up by the mainstream. He discusses the war of terrorism in Iraq, and how the media pushed people into supporting a bogus war among other things.


It is important that listeners of the Hip Hop War Report and POCC: Block Report Radio support the unconditional release of political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal, recognizing that he is one of the most revolutionary and articulate voices in the media, of our generation, as well as, his so-called trial was plagued with unfairness, including the refusal to admit the confession of Arnold Beverly into evidence, the dismissing of potential Black jurors simply because they were Black, police coercion of witnesses, and ballistic tests that state that the caliber of the bullet that killed Faulkner was not the same caliber of bullets that fit Mumia’s gun, among other things.


Listen to this edition of the POCC: Block Report Radio on and we have to end this with Free All Political Prisoners!

HIP HOP WAR REPORT EPISODE 7.2  (Mumia Basketball Tournament)

Block Report Radio: an interview with Oakland high school students organizing a benefit basketball tournament for political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal


            Deputy Minister of Culture Jocelyn of POCC: Block Report Radio interviews a number of Oakland high school students on why they’re organizing a benefit basketball tournament for political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal. During this interview, the students talk about the injustices in Mumia’s trial, the need for people to come out and support the basketball tournament, and Mumia, because if this injustice happened, “it could happen to anybody, it could happen to you, it could happen to me?. They also explained that the basketball tournament will be happening on December 10th ‘06, at Poplar Park in West Oakland, and will feature rap acts like Beeda Weeda, Kaz of the Team, Mistah F.A.B., the Pack, Team Thunder, and more.


This particular segment of POCC: Block Report Radio was put on the Hip Hop War Report podcast, because we believe that it is important for youngsters to take interest and action, in issues that are facing their communities, realizing that in most cases it is the young people who create change in any given society. We hope that this inspires young and older people alike to get educated and involved in freeing Black political prisoners in this country. It is our social responsibility, especially because Mumia Abu Jamal, and others fought for our rights, when a majority of us, weren’t even fighting for our own rights. Free All Political Prisoners!


Check out this classic segment of POCC: Block Report Radio on the  Hip Hop War Report


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